Sustainability has become an integral part of our business and is supported by our ISO14001 Environmental certified system which allows us to assess the impact our business has on the environment, and what we can do to improve how we protect our planet and the local communities we work within.

Our vehicle fleet totals 140, and 95 of these have the Euro 6 standard engines. Euro 1 to Euro 6 – find out your vehicle's emissions standard | RAC Drive

Comserv’s vehicle fleet currently includes 1 electric vehicle and 1 hybrid vehicle, we have plans to increase the number of electric vehicles to 7 over the coming year (2021-22).

Comserv are committed in continuing to update our fleet with cleaner, more efficient vehicles, over the next 12 months a further 40 vehicles will be replaced with Euro 6 standard models, bringing the total to 135.

We are also looking to develop a strategy to measure the fleet’s CO2 emissions over the coming year to demonstrate our commitment in reducing our carbon footprint.