Comserv do a lot of ground works for tenants with disabilities and mobility issues, and the impact on the tenant can be life changing. An adapted garden can have such a positive impact on both physical health through improving physical activity, mobility, and coordination, and on mental well-being through a connection to nature, enhancing mood and reducing stress.

A void property came back to us and as part of the works we needed to make the garden accessible for the incoming disabled tenant. A Housing Officer from Portsmouth City Council visited the property to assess the works alongside the tenant’s needs and approve the expenditure.

In this particular property the garden needed a lot of attention. We needed to remove a conservatory and shed which had become unsafe and then block pave the area. This ensured that the entire garden area was accessible directly from the door leading  out to the garden.

There was also an old decking area that had rotted and needed clearing. This was removed and block paving extended to this area too. This ensured that trip hazards were minimised with a smooth flat surface.

Finally, there was also a pond in the garden. This was removed completely along with some of the plants and the block paving extended across the area. The plants that were retained were cut back to keep the area clear.

It is really important that we create gardens that accommodate the needs of individuals with disabilities, promoting accessibility, inclusion, and holistic well-being.

This garden was not within our normal Scope of Service. This particular home required an understanding of  the specific needs around the tenant’s disabilities. The works were carried out in-keeping with the current garden (also not in our usual Scope of Service).