Elsie Fudge House is retirement housing owned by Portsmouth City Council. Located in Waterlooville it consists of 46 one and two bedroom flats.

A studio flat became void and needed completely renovating with disabled adaptations (DFG's) to make it accessible for the incoming tenant.

Our Operatives went in and works began to:

  • Install a large wet room with wider door access
  • Move a wall to create a wider hallway for access from the front door into the main room in the flat. This included a widened doorway into the main room
  • A shallower cupboard in the main room area was created as a result of widening the hallway. To retain space the cupboard was to have curtains instead of doors
  • In the kitchen an extended worktop was installed over where the cooker space was, to enable the table top fridge to be accommodated
  • A concrete ramp and hand rails from the rear door into the garden


Separate toilet
 and bathroom



Full wet room


Toilet and basin part of wet room (prior to decoration)


Narrower hallway and doorway


Widened hallway and doorways

Wherever possible our Operative recycled materials including the architraves and doors which were still in good condition.

The bathroom was tiled, decorated, and sloped flooring was added with a new shower, toilet and basin to create a full wet room suitable for the new tenant to use.

In addition, all electrics were tested and updated to ensure compliance.

All these works were carried out over a period of three weeks.

Our Communications & Engagement Manager spoke to the tenant a month after she had moved in to see how she was getting on. She had settled in well and was loving her new flat. She said:

“I am very pleased with the works that Comserv completed, and delighted with how spotlessly clean everything was left.”
She added “The flat is absolutely amazing and I feel very secure at night now”.