Comserv’s main term service contract is with Portsmouth City Council with an annual value of  £20m.

Over the last 15 years Comserv have been providing responsive repair services when clients want it. If a Resident wants repair at 2pm on Tuesday, the Resource Handlers will make every effort to ensure that this happens. This provides reassurance to the customer that they have a timed appointment.

Comserv Operatives are empowered to diagnose the issue when arriving on site and determine the length of time the repair will take. Operatives will work to the Client's scope of service and only undertake the "value work" i.e. the work that needs to be completed. Operatives are supported by their own intelligent van stock and if the product is not on their van, our own in-house materials team will deliver it straight away allowing the Operative to continue to carry on with the work.

Our responsive repairs service includes:

Looking after your council property is the responsibility of both you, the tenant, and Portsmouth City Council, the landlord.

Discover here which parts of your home are your responsibility and which the council’s, how to let them know when something needs repair. Please visit Portsmouth City Council's website and watch the short video.